Ancient Astronauts and Contemporary Skepticism

Over the path of the past yr, I intently assisted a colleague in writing a series of ten articles masking numerous components of my ancient astronaut idea. All ten of these articles circulated extensively around the world and think about counters on many websites indicated considerable readership, but feedback to me, or her, from anywhere, become non-existent. there has been neither criticism nor acclaim from all of us. just silence. I was beginning to assume that perhaps no one in global wants to take historic astronauts significantly.

In a try to make some progress, I decided to pay sixty bucks for an overview of my ancient astronaut internet site. Of path, this became to be a review via skeptics; an evaluation by New Age believers would be nugatory. Their blog’s description changed into “critical critiques of paranormal claims at the net.” The middleman granted them 5 days to carry out their evaluation however that has been lengthy because come and long gone, and now not a phrase from them. My website offers an enormous amount of proof and I could not assume each person to supply a very good important review in only 5 days. No one, together with myself, could want to see fast organized and frivolous arguments, else I’d make them appear ridiculous in my counterarguments. Moreover, some of my proof comes from Spanish-language resources and, to begin, they might want time to verify that none of it’s far a hoax. they’re welcome to all the time they need.

What to expect from this weblog is unsure. Some skeptics are as slim-minded in their wondering as to their New Age counterparts, and however, there are skeptics, like me, who objectively evaluate the proof to arrive at the fact. become there a real historic astronaut? To assist the skeptic’s solution to that question, I can provide them with some thoughts on a way to refute my theories. here, entirely for space considerations, I will concentrate on the archaeological evidence, leaving apart thoughts on the way to refute the cryptology and theology proof for every other day.

My website reproduces engravings from the Tiwanaku civilization in Bolivia. One of those engravings depicts the alleged historic astronaut as an aquatic with a three-pronged tail, with each of the 3 prongs finishing in a pod. How do the skeptics refute that? smooth. They honestly need to illustrate that the shape of these pods resembles some form of animal or plants to be observed in that location. In different phrases, they want to find a terrestrial supply for the one’s engravings, in any other case my extraterrestrial arguments remain unhurt.

The timing of the Tiwanaku sky-god drawings coincides with the timing of the Nazca lines in Peru, so the historic astronaut of both places must be one and identical. For Nazca, the skeptics will discover many equipped-made arguments, but I do not forget all of them vulnerable. The mentality of the human beings of Nazca can not be assumed to be unique in human history. It needs to be proven that humans elsewhere additionally believed that the solar, moon, or sky-spirits had physical eyes that might have a look at floor drawings. Alternatively, it needs to be demonstrated that the humans of Nazca worshipped birds, believing them to have cognitive intelligence.

The recorded engravings at the cosmological solar Disk, an alleged alien artifact, may additionally show to be the most important venture for the skeptics. How are we to accept as true that the Andeans of the early 16th century

a) knew that the Earth changed into spherical,                                                                                      b) knew that it changed into feasible to orbit the Earth,                                                                      c) knew that sunlight striking the moon could replicate again to strike a spaceship,                          d) knew that the darkish clouds along the Milky way contained stars inside, and                              e) knew that water shaped the premise of plant and animal evolution? right here the skeptics would need to locate parallels inside the records of western civilization. I stay up for their reaction.

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